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In a heated exchange, Arshi accuses Imlie of trying to ensnare Anirudh with her looks, citing an incident where Imlie allegedly took Ani to her room at night. Anirudh tries to diffuse the situation, but Bipasha and Tanuja intervene, suggesting they move the discussion indoors. Arshi, unmoved, continues her accusations, prompting Choton to urge Imlie inside.

Arshi stops Imlie, questioning Anirudh’s motives and accusing him of deceiving her. Bipasha supports Arshi’s claims, stating she revealed the truth to Arshi out of concern. Arshi, frustrated, insists there is more to be said. Choton insists Imlie proceed inside, but Arshi, holding Imlie back, challenges Anirudh’s integrity, prompting Anirudh to prioritize Arshi’s reputation over his own.

Tensions escalate as Arshi accuses Imlie of manipulating Anirudh and declares her intent to end the marriage. Imlie pleads with Arshi not to break the marriage, but Arshi remains resolute. Choton tries to intervene, but Arshi turns her attention to him, questioning his relationship with Imlie. Anirudh, while willing to endure Arshi’s insults, defends Choton from her attacks.

Bipasha questions how much Imlie should endure, while Lal advises Choton to stay out of the matter. Shubh and Tanuja side with Arshi, criticizing Anirudh, while Arshi threatens to reveal everything to their mother, vowing to end the relationship.

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The episode begins with Anirudh telling Jhanak, “I’ll let you go if you promise to stay connected and take care.” Jhanak responds, “I will go back to Srinagar.” Anirudh mentions Rahul, saying, “He loves you a lot,” and they engage in a conversation.

Meanwhile, Arshi and Bipasha are on a call. Bipasha urges Arshi to come home, suggesting they discuss how to keep Jhanak away and emphasize the long-standing relationship Anirudh shares with them. Arshi questions if Anirudh is playing a double game or acting. Bipasha shares, “He loses his senses when Jhanak is around; she is very cunning.”

As the doctor prepares to administer an injection, Anirudh reassures Jhanak, saying, “Close your eyes; nothing will happen.” Jhanak, who experiences panic attacks, is initially hesitant but eventually complies. Anirudh distracts her by making her count to ten, and the injection is administered successfully. He then asks the doctor to bandage her wound.

Upon returning home, Anirudh surprises Jhanak with a chocolate, recalling that her mother used to give her one after injections. Arshi overhears their interaction and becomes suspicious, discussing with Bipasha about Anirudh’s intentions. They contemplate how long Jhanak will stay and decide that Anirudh must make his intentions clear.

Anirudh gives Jhanak the chocolate, mentioning he always carries one for Appu, confident she’ll share it with her daughter. Arshi interrupts their moment, confronting Anirudh about his late-night visit to Jhanak’s room. Their argument escalates, drawing the attention of neighbors. Choton intervenes, asking the onlookers to leave, while they taunt Anirudh and Jhanak.

Choton invites Arshi inside to discuss the matter. Arshi deflects, suggesting he address Ani instead. Jhanak and Anirudh attempt to defend themselves, but Arshi directs her anger at Jhanak, revealing her upcoming marriage to Ani. Despite Anirudh’s plea for a private conversation, Arshi creates a scene, exposing Anirudh’s past mistake and casting doubt on the Bose family’s reputation.